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At Mikey’s, we are providing people with a variety of retail baked goods that are delicious, highly nutritious, and convenient. Mikey’s bridges the gap and produces products that don’t force consumers to compromise between eating nutritiously and getting the convenience of store bought foods. This is the cornerstone to our business and our rapid growth. Most natural products in the marketplace deliver on one health attribute. We pride ourselves on being a multi-attribute brand. All of our products are certified paleo meaning they contain no gluten, grain, soy or dairy. We have a focus on delivering wholesome serving sizes that are low calorie, low carbohydrate, and low glycemic. We ensure that all of our ingredients are responsibly sourced and verified Non-GMO. This is the white space we fill. We are the only player in the marketplace delivering on all of these attributes while still delivering great taste.

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      Wild Mountain Paleo

      Portland, OR based Wild Mountain Paleo is arguably the most well respected paleo friendly retailer out there. Along with carrying Mikey's Muffins, Wild Mountain Paleo has the one of best collections of all things paleo under one roof.

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      Strictly Gluten Free

      For shoppers in warmer climates this is you preferred source for Mikey's Muffins. Strictly Gluten Free packs all their goods in dry ice to preserve the quality and integrity of the frozen product. Based in Long Island, NY, Strictly Gluten Free will ship Mikey's Muffins throughout the Continental United States.

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      Linda's Diet Delites

      Linda's Diet Delites is based in New Jersey and ships Mikey's Muffins throughout the Continental United States. Linda's also has the ability to ship with dry-ice for deliveries on the West Coast and during hot summer months.

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      Lil's Dietary Shop

      Based in Chicago, IL Lil's Dietary Shop not only sells Mikey's Muffins at their retail outlet but also ships our english muffins throughout the Continental United States.

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      For Delivery Throughout Europe

      United Kingdom based CarbLife Ltd. is the preferred Mikey's Muffins retailer for direct to customer and wholesale purchases throughout Europe. CarbLife, Ltd. carries all three varieties of Mikey's Muffins.

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